Guide For Choosing Venetian Blinds

Steps to Choosing A Velux Blind

Window Code
Every blind is made for a specific Velux window identified by a window code e.g. GGL M08. This code is read from the velux metal plate attached to the window frame. The window type code will be one of the following : GGL, GHL, GPL, GGU, GPU, GEL.

There is no need to measure up for velux window blinds. Enter the Velux window code to get a price. All prices quoted include VAT and delivery.

Blind Types

Select the blind type to suit your home interior and then choose a fabric colour. Each blind type is described below

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are suitable for bedroom Velux windows. The fabric has an aluminium backing to stop block out light and deflect the heat of the sun. The Blackout blind is moved manually and may be set to any position.

The Side rails also stop light from entering the room. There is a wide range of fabics available. The same fabric range is available in the remote control blackout range

Remote Control Solar Blackout Blinds

Blinds and shades are also available as motorised or remote control. These blinds are battery operated and do not required to be installed by an electrician and is fitted in minutes. The battery is recharged by solar power, good for up to 600 operations (about a years worth).

Duo Blackout Blinds

A combination of blackout and pleated blinds. A highly versatile choice.

Roller Blinds

Velux roller blinds control light and offer privacy. Light diffuses through the material. There is a wide range of fabrics available.

Venetian Blinds

Velux Venetian These blinds are moisture resistant. The blind can be raised and lowered manually and the slats can be tilted to control light enetering the room.The Blackout blind is moved manually and may be set to any position.

Flying Pleated Blinds

All fabrics are 100% translucent. This blind is intended to provide privacy and light control that is less than blackout level. The new flying pleated blinds are very flexible. Position the blind with the center, top or bottom of the window.

Accessories For Hard To Reach windows

A Rod control is used to open a out of reach blinds. One Rod adapters attachment is required for each out of reach velux blind.

Fitting, Pick & Click

Velux loft windows ( roof windows ) have build in brackets. Installing the blinds is a matter of clicking the blind into place.