A Guide To Interior Blinds In Your Home

This is a collection of useful information on blinds. An introduction to different types of window blinds available, the pros and cons of each type. Also the installation instructions for each blind type and how to take an accurate measurement for window blinds. To get instant price quotes, just click on the online store link, select a fabric or colour and enter a size in the form of Blind Width and Blind Drop to get a price. Alternatively enter the online shop and select Quick Quote.

Standard Window Blinds

There is a wide choice of blinds available for standard rectangular windows. There are plenty of fabrics available with the latest fabric designs to choose from. The blinds include Aluminium Venetian, Wood or Wooden Venetian, Fabric Roller Blinds, Fabric Vertical Blinds, Fabric Sliding panel blinds, Roman Folding Lined Blinds, and Pleated Blinds for a Sunroom or Conservatory.

To recommend a good blind of any particular type would depend on the particular requirements for a room and the window size. For example in bedroom If blackout blinds are essential then the choice may be Roman or Roller blinds. To add a more natural texture to a sitting room and or achieve striking lighting patterns in a sunlit room then perhaps a deep grained wooden Venetian may be the choice. In a kitchen perhaps wipeable roller blinds.

To cover large patio doors so bright vertical blinds may be the choice. Aluminium Venetian with a striking chrome or metallic colour could add a modern cutting edge feel to the room. For more details of each blind type including their pros and cons just click on any one of the blind type links on this page.

Size Limitations

Sometimes the size of the window will limit the choice of blinds. For example Wooden Venetian blinds of 25mm Slat Size get too heavy to operate for windows of a large area size. For patio doors sometimes vertical may be the only single blind that will cover the opening.

Velux Roof Windows. Fakro Roof Windows

Velux blinds and Fakro blinds are made by the Window manufacturers. All types of blinds (i.e. Roller , Venetian, Blackout or Siesta blinds, Roller blinds) are available and they are made specifically to fit into the range of window sizes made by Velux and Fakro. The window size and type is needed to order a blind and this information is available from a metal plate that is fixed to the window sash.

Blinds For Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows can be fitted with special tilt and turn blinds. The reason for the blinds is so as not to interfere with the operation of the window (i.e. opening outwards or tilting outwards).

Other things to bear in mind

Getting appropriate blinds to cover doors is a tricky business. If you were about to put new double glazed doors in it would be an idea to specify blinds that are integrated into the glass of doors. Otherwise what is required is a lightweight blind that can hang on the door and that has tie down clips at the bottom of the blind.

Bay windows can be fitted with blinds. When privacy is an important issue bear in mind that there is always some gap in the corners of a bay window when blinds butt up against each other.

Motorized blinds have their use when synchronous opening or closing of multiple blinds is required or when the operation of the blind is just too heavy for the user. Motors are more expensive but they can be applied to almost any type of blind. Most however are powered by electricity and will therefore require professional installation.